i’ve been eatin’ with a good friend

To begin!  I’m revgreen, and this blog has been inspired by a friend I’ve been cooking for recently.  He bought me a potato masher, and it made me think of all the cooking tools I don’t have… but why I’d like them.  Also, I’ve recently been pretty hobby-less, unless you count drinking as a socially acceptable daily hobby.  Regardless I’ve decided to start cooking.  Now, there are obstacles I’m going to have to overcome in order to make this a serious hobby.  To start I have no formal training, no driver’s license, and no car.  I’m also currently credit card-less, and the nearest grocery store is miles away.  There is a small store within walking distance, but its selection is very small.  If I know what I’m capable of (and I can assure you I do), I know I’ll prevail.  Basically, I’ll be using this blog as a chronicle of my meals and a measurement of my improvements.  I’ll also be making note of how many new cooking utensils I acquire, and whether or not I think they’re relevant to the home cook.  At this time I’ve decided I’m in desperate need of an apron, a wok, a baking sheet (that’s right, folks!  I don’t have a baking sheet), and a set of knives.  If anyone out there thinks I’m missing any other fundamental tools of cooking, please don’t be afraid to shout at me the necessities of “A POTATO PEELER (insert your favorite handy utensil here)” right through your computer screen.  And, no, I do not own a potato peeler.  Like I said, I just got my first masher… and it was a gift!

Ah, so that’s enough of an introduction for now.  Let’s talk food.  Tonight I will be serving (…or should I say searing?) up balsamic-lemon marinated pork chops with a side of white rice cooked with chicken broth and yellow onions.  Due to the fact I have such terrible access to the grocery store, my dishes can only be loosely based on recipes.  I am always missing at least two stated ingredients.  After perusing recipe sites, though, I’ve found it’s not uncommon to pick and choose ingredients.  I feel that a recipe is an outline, and it is the cook’s duty to come up with the thesis statement, the fillers, the reasons, etc.

Quickly back to potato mashers:  mine is very difficult to wash!  I suppose that’s something to keep in mind, especially if you (like myself) are dishwasher-less.  It was easy enough to fork the stubborn bits of potatoes out of the holes, but who wants to?  And while I feel it is a valuable addition to the kitchen, it is definitely a luxury item.  I made my first mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving, and I had yet to receive “the gift” so I was forced to use a plastic serving spoon to mash.  Fortunately I prefer my potatoes a little lumpy, but I also prefer my arm a little less crampy (zzzzing!).  With the masher I was able to achieve textured, creamy potatoes quickly and pain-free.  Nice addition, indeed.


One response to “i’ve been eatin’ with a good friend

  1. this is a great start to what is sure to be a great blog. im excited to see this progress. and u def need to get a zester if u use so much lemon a lil fresh zest always adds a fresh flavor. good luck!!

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